Advantages of learning English online for working people


Online English courses for working professionals at I-CLC have garnered significant interest recently. To help everyone gather full information and make the right choice, we provide the following article to support you in finding a suitable place to learn English and achieve the best results.

Advantages of Online English Learning for Working Professionals

1/ 100% Foreign Teachers

+ You will be taught by foreign teachers from various countries such as the UK, the USA, the Philippines, France, etc.

+ Learn to pronounce words like a native speaker.

+ A learning environment conducted entirely in English helps you progress quickly.

+ Discover various cultures, cuisines, and traditions from different countries around the world.

2/ Study Anywhere

+ You can fully decide the time and place of study as long as you have an internet connection.

+ Prepare internet-connected devices.

3/ One-on-One Learning

+ The cost of one-on-one online English lessons with foreign teachers is not high.

+ Teachers will focus 100% on the student, quickly identifying and addressing weaknesses, and providing support at any time.

+ Students and teachers interact frequently, forming the habit of speaking in English.


4/ Flexible Study Hours

+ Choose your own study time.

+ You can pause or reschedule your lessons.

5/ Suitable Learning Path

+ Take an assessment test when joining the course.

+ The learning path will match your abilities.

+ Take tests after completing each course.

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Online English Learning Center with Guaranteed Results in Ho Chi Minh City

I-CLC is known as a reputable online English teaching center. 

When joining a course at I-CLC, students have the full right to choose their preferred teachers.

Participate in trial classes.

The learning path is designed according to the student’s level based on the initial assessment test.

After each course, students must take an assessment test to evaluate their progress for level advancement.


Students are taught by Vietnamese and foreign teachers who have graduated in foreign languages, have years of teaching experience, and hold internationally recognized training certificates.

The curriculum at the center is compiled by experts with Doctorate and Master’s degrees from various countries around the world.

I-CLC always provides the best conditions for students to improve their language skills.

We are honored to accompany our students on their journey to conquer the most widely spoken language in the world today. 

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