Is a fun experimental course in English for children good?



The world is becoming increasingly integrated, and so is Vietnam. Learning English has become a necessary condition for future development. However, to learn effectively, children should start learning from a young age. In Vietnam, many centers offering experimental English learning programs for children have appeared. So, should we send children to learn English from a young age? Let’s explore this through the following article.

Are experimental English learning programs for children beneficial?

You may be facing two choices: should you enroll your child in an experimental English learning program for children or hire a private tutor at home? This is a common dilemma for parents, as English is the key language for integrating with the world. Whether learning at home or at a center, each has its advantages. Now, let’s explore the reasons why it is important to send children to learn English at an experimental center from a young age.


Helping children learn a language in the most natural way possible: At a young age, children’s brains are not yet overloaded with information, so starting English early helps them absorb more effectively than adults. Parents planning to have their children learn a foreign language should not miss this stage.

Children will communicate more easily and become more confident: During this stage, children’s brains are gradually collecting information. For shy children, participating in an experimental English learning environment not only provides language advantages but also helps them become more confident and bold. Teachers often combine dialogues and useful games to create interest for children during language learning.


Helping children listen and speak accurately from the start: In addition to quick absorption, children also have the ability to listen and speak accurately and naturally like native teachers. At this stage, children are very good at mimicking the intonation and pronunciation they hear, sometimes even better than adults.

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Effective methods for teaching experimental English to children

Teaching and learning experimental English plays a crucial role, especially for children. Let’s explore the golden principles in teaching English to children to make learning effective.

Play over teaching

This method can be described as “Teaching without teaching”, where teachers do not follow a fixed curriculum but rather create a diverse and colorful playground in English for students.


Activities and visuals over theory.

Images, games, music, drama… these activities help children engage in an English-speaking environment naturally, without coercion. Diverse activities help students gradually form their own learning styles.

Learning tools over textbooks.

Relying solely on textbooks limits the creativity of both teachers and students. To diversify classroom activities, increasing learning tools is essential. Simple, easy-to-find learning tools can enhance student engagement. Encouraging students to find additional learning tools enriches the learning process and promotes English speaking and communication.


Fun over grades

Typically, Vietnamese schools place heavy emphasis on grades, which can create pressure for young children and diminish their interest. Applying various learning methods creates a natural English environment. This way, children do not feel pressured, become less bored, and develop a greater love for English.

Take children on trips to use English for communication

Although it may seem unusual, when children travel to these countries, meeting new people and exploring new places stimulates their curiosity to learn and communicate. This encourages them to explore more and travel more.

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Why choose the I-CLC center for experimental English learning?

Experimental English learning programs are becoming increasingly rich and diverse, attracting many participants, especially parents who want their children to learn from a young age. The experimental English learning program at I-CLC will help children improve their English skills and become more confident. Confidence is a key factor that will help children develop other skills in their studies and life.


I-CLC is not an unfamiliar center to many. What sets I-CLC apart is its principle of combining teaching with personal development for students.

I-CLC specializes in the following programs:

  • Experimental English learning with native speakers
  • Accelerated experimental English learning
  • Experimental English learning for beginners
  • Online experimental English learning
  • Experimental English learning for children
  • Experimental English learning for working adults, beginners, and those who have lost their foundation
  • Experimental English learning with an American accent
  • Reputable, professional, effective, and high-quality experimental English learning in District 10, Go Vap, Saigon – HCM
  • Experimental English learning with native teachers
  • Experimental English learning with foreign teachers

trung tâm học tiếng anh trực tuyến

I-CLC is a trusted and reputable center for quality experimental English learning, with internationally qualified teachers, well-researched training programs, and modern facilities. We guarantee optimal results and significant improvement for students who join the I-CLC family.

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