Methods for learning English with foreign teachers


Learn English with Native Teachers is a course currently chosen by many to improve the four basic skills. However, this learning method also has both advantages and disadvantages. So how can you achieve high results? Let’s explore this issue together!

Methods to Learn English with Native Teachers

1/ Find the Right Teacher
Not all native teachers are suitable for you. Therefore, you need to consider the following criteria when choosing a teacher:

  • Qualification
  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Teaching Method
  • Cost of each course

2/ Set Goals
You need to know why you are learning English. When you know your goal, you will have the motivation to strive and complete the plan you have set.

3/ Attend Classes Regularly
During the learning process, you should limit absences and persist throughout the course. You should also complete all assignments and ask the teacher immediately if you do not understand something.

4/ Be Proactive in Learning
You can learn English additionally through movies, songs, reading books, chatting with foreigners on social networks, etc.


5/ Do Not Be Afraid of Making Mistakes
For beginners, there will be many difficulties in pronunciation, limited vocabulary, not understanding what the teacher is saying, etc.
At this stage, you should not be discouraged or self-conscious but strive harder to improve your English speaking ability.
Learning English with native teachers is an opportunity for learners to improve their listening and speaking skills in communication.
Therefore, you need to persevere to overcome these difficulties. Moreover, learners also get to learn about many unique cultures of native speakers through the teachers.

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Prestigious and High-Quality English Learning Center in Ho Chi Minh City

With over 10 years of international standard English training, I-CLC asserts its prestige and teaching quality to parents and students.
The teaching staff, from Vietnamese to native teachers, focus on nurturing children’s confidence and potential.
Especially, I-CLC designs individual learning paths for each age group and ability to help children learn English effectively.


For children, I-CLC aims to develop additional skills to conquer their educational path and achieve future success.
In addition, I-CLC offers Starters, Movers, Flyers exam preparation courses to help parents evaluate their children’s abilities early and easily orient their future.

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