Should office employees choose online English courses or courses at a language center?


Currently, many companies require candidates to have foreign language proficiency. To enhance their future career prospects, many people are investing in language learning. So, should working professionals learn English online or offline? Today’s article will discuss this issue, so stay tuned.

Should Office Workers Choose Online or In-Center English Courses?

Each learning format has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can base your decision on these factors to determine whether you are more suited for online or offline English learning.

Here are some criteria to consider if you choose to learn English online:

1/ Flexible Learning Schedule

There are many online courses designed to best support learners at any time. 

When participating in online classes, the schedule will be arranged according to your timetable to create convenience for both your work and study.

2/ Clear Learning Path

When learning English online, you need to determine your goals and set a learning path that suits your abilities.

If you cannot determine this on your own, you can join an online course at a language center. There, you will take an assessment test and be given a suitable learning path.


3/ Reputable and Highly Qualified Teachers

You should choose courses with teachers from Europe, Australia, or the USA to improve your listening and speaking skills.

Additionally, frequent interaction with native speakers will help improve your pronunciation, boost your confidence in communication, and teach you how to respond and argue effectively.

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Professional and Effective Online English Learning Center

I-CLC is one of the quality online English learning centers with high recognition today.

The center has both Vietnamese and foreign teachers who are graduates in their fields, with international certification, and many years of experience training students of different ages.


When participating in courses at I-CLC, students will:

+ Take an initial assessment test

+ Have a learning path designed according to their language proficiency

+ Be able to choose their teacher

+ Study with European-standard curriculum

+ Participate in trial classes

+ Choose between online and offline learning to fit their schedule

+ Preserve their progress and change their study schedule completely free of charge

I-CLC is honored to accompany students on their journey to conquer English.

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