What are the things that need to be prepared to effectively participate in the Movers exam?

English is very important in the current period for people of any age, especially for students. Building a good English foundation will help them gain confidence in communication and also obtain valuable certificates to support their studies.

When preparing for the Movers exam, students will participate in many interesting learning programs:

Participating in basic content on familiar daily life topics such as study, personal activities, etc.

Through the program, students can read and write short, simple sentences, creating a good foundation for learning English.

Many parents are interested in investing in Movers exam preparation in Saigon because they understand the great benefits for their children’s English learning.

What are the benefits of the Movers certificate?

It assesses the English learning status of young children (mainly aged 4-8), helping parents to understand their children’s English proficiency and choose quality classes to provide the best foundation for learning.

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From their English proficiency through Movers exam preparation, parents can orient their children’s future, considering whether they can apply English in daily life or continue to prepare for TOEIC, IELTS exams, aiming for scholarships to study abroad in advanced countries.

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What should be prepared to effectively participate in the Movers exam?

To best prepare children for the Movers English exam and achieve the highest results, parents need to take appropriate steps according to their children’s age to help them complete the exam, specifically as follows:

Help them grasp the vocabulary at the Movers level.

Practice spelling in an American accent according to the given vocabulary list of this level.

Thoroughly practice the present simple and continuous tenses, which are the main grammar tenses at this level.

Understand, remember, know how to use accurately and place prepositions correctly.

Listen to vocabulary and be able to write the basic words they hear.

Fluently practice speaking skills, be able to understand and answer oral test questions well.

To acquire all these skills, parents need to find a reputable, quality, and professional Movers exam preparation center in Saigon to get support and thorough training from teachers. Choosing to study at our Intercontinental Language Center will be the smartest choice for parents. With a team of skilled, dedicated teachers, we are confident to provide your child with a beneficial Movers exam.


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