What is the effective English-language math and critical thinking learning center for children?


In the increasingly developing and internationalized trend, emphasizing the importance of foreign languages is crucial. The most effective period for learning English is from 4 to 12 years old. Nowadays, many parents tend to enroll their children in online math courses in English for kids to help them develop their brain most effectively during this golden period.

Why Should Children Learn Critical Thinking Math Combined with English?

Teaching children critical thinking math in English is not about learning math vocabulary in English or translating a math problem from English to Vietnamese or translating a solution from Vietnamese to English. Instead, this method helps children develop their intelligence more comprehensively by developing both logical intelligence and language intelligence, enabling them to naturally practice language and create connections while learning the subject matter.

The most obvious benefit of learning math in English is that children will practice English while solving math problems. Vocabulary, mathematical concepts, or related issues with relevant terms are all applied during the learning process. Therefore, learning math in English helps children become familiar with and apply the language in practice.


Previously, if your child only had exposure to foreign languages through regular English classes at school or centers, now they will have more opportunities to further improve in valuable logical thinking sessions like this. When learning critical thinking math in English, children will have more advantages in terms of time and frequency of English practice compared to traditional learning methods in school or centers. This leads to superior English proficiency and increased agility in information processing because, in addition to daily life vocabulary, they also learn a wider range of specialized vocabulary related to mathematics.

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Which Center Offers Effective English Math Thinking Courses for Children?

In Ho Chi Minh City area, the online English math thinking program at I-CLC is a popular choice for many parents in this area. With the online math course in English here, parents will save time, money, and effort in taking their children to study. With the teaching method that puts “STUDENTS AT THE CENTER”, each student applies their own learning path to ensure suitability and achieve goals quickly.


I-CLC Language Center is a familiar name to many people in Ho Chi Minh City with over 10 years of experience in the field. Using modern English math thinking teaching methods from developed countries around the world will make your child love math and build a foundation for them to develop their logical thinking and creativity. Along with a team of Native Teachers and Vietnamese Teachers – Native Teachers, students will feel more engaged in the learning process.

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