Why should you choose an online critical thinking math course in English at a reputable center?

Nowadays, with the era of integration, English has gradually become an indispensable language in education and life. Among them, learning math in English is a trend that many parents are interested in, and it is also a market trend in education. This is because learning math in English not only helps children learn math but also improves their English skills.

So, what are the benefits of learning math in English? Does it add more pressure on children? What is the learning method? Let’s find out with I-CLC – an online math learning center in English with native teachers in Saigon through today’s sharing content.

Why should children take professional math courses in English?

Learning math in English is not about learning mathematical vocabulary in English, nor is it about translating a math problem from English to Vietnamese or translating an answer from Vietnamese to English.

Many expert studies have shown that combining English learning with scientific subjects, especially math, helps children develop better intelligence by simultaneously enhancing logical and linguistic intelligence. It helps them practice the language naturally, creating a chain connection in the learning process.

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Especially for children who are oriented towards secondary school or university with a study abroad direction, early exposure to learning math in English will be more advantageous, helping them improve their English skills and making it easier to get scholarships and integrate into the learning environment abroad.

In fact, even students with very good English skills have to undergo a transition period of 6 months to 1 year to relearn subjects like Math and Science in English when studying abroad. Therefore, the importance of learning math in English with native teachers is crucial, significantly contributing to the future development of children.

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Benefits of enrolling in top math courses in English in District 10

Registering for a math course in English for children from an early age is an extremely effective educational strategy. It not only creates a strong motivation for students to achieve significant progress in learning English but also helps them develop logical, creative, and scientific thinking, keeping pace with the learning trends and developmental levels of children in advanced countries like the US, UK, Australia, or Singapore.

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Here are the benefits of learning math in English for children:

Stimulates brain development

Learning math in English is beneficial for children’s intellectual development. It helps them to orient, perceive issues actively, and present ideas and viewpoints more clearly and accurately. Learning math in English not only develops intelligence but also language skills, thereby stimulating the brain and helping children think more quickly and comprehensively.

Additionally, learning math in English increases vocabulary as children will be exposed to many new words, sparking a love for learning.

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Develops higher-level thinking

Math in English for children helps them learn both thinking and integrate with new knowledge from developed countries. Along with practicing math, their English skills gradually improve, and they remember more.

Usually, children take math exams in their mother tongue, but with math in English at school or online, participating in international exams that gather various educational standards is inevitable.

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Improves foreign language skills

The undeniable benefit of learning math in English, besides improving math skills and knowledge, is that it also enhances brain development. Students also enrich their vocabulary and English formulas, making their English more fluent and their speaking skills progressively better.

Creates a clear future goal, easier to get study abroad scholarships, and more opportunities in the future

Learning math in English for children from preschool helps them think systematically and be oriented from the beginning with mind maps like 5W1H, “why not”…. A future picture in an international language, with the first calculations of a child, is a proud achievement of education.

Many young people with English advantages have won scholarships from top universities worldwide, and the age to get study abroad scholarships thanks to English is getting younger in Vietnam.

Currently, Vietnam’s math exams are not only domestic but also participate in many international competitions. There are many international math competitions for elementary age groups. Participating in these competitions allows students to showcase their abilities, gain more experiences, meet and exchange with international friends, and especially draw valuable lessons and achieve future successes.

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The social position of our children in the future largely depends on our decisions today. A solid foundation in English, rich knowledge, and modern thinking are foundational factors that help the young generation of Vietnam become global citizens, proudly stepping forward and joining hands with international friends to solve contemporary issues.

Quality math learning centers in English with native teachers in Ho Chi Minh City

Understanding the needs and psychology of students when registering for math courses in English with native teachers, I-CLC has researched and developed distinct teaching methods and practice programs according to different stages to help students achieve absolute effectiveness.

With modern math teaching methods in English, children will develop a love for Math, laying a foundation for logical thinking and creativity development.

With a team of young, psychological, highly qualified teachers with standard American accents, we closely monitor students’ learning processes, allowing them to practice at any available time to achieve absolute course effectiveness.

Additionally, I-CLC offers various other math courses in English such as

  • math in English for beginners
  • online math in English
  • math in English for working professionals, busy people
  • math in English with standard American accent
  • math in English for those with weak foundation
  • math in English with native teachers
  • math in English with foreign teachers
  • math in English in Go Vap
  • math in English in Saigon

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