Wonderful benefits when learning math with critical thinking in English


Learning critical thinking math in English is gaining a lot of attention from parents to help their children not only approach mathematics but also enhance their English proficiency. However, many parents are confused about how learning critical thinking math in English differs from regular math and what benefits it offers beyond improving their child’s English skills.

Wonderful Benefits of Learning Critical Thinking Math in English

To help parents understand more about critical thinking math in English, we will outline some of its benefits.

1/ Stimulate Brain Development

Combining foreign languages with science subjects significantly develops children’s intellect.

When learning critical thinking math in English, children not only develop their brains but also improve their language skills.

Thus, their brains will be stimulated, increasing their reflexes and sharpness in arguments.

2/ Develop Logical Thinking

The combination of a foreign language with mathematics helps children analyze and reason to solve problems more effectively.

As a result, their speech will be more logical, and they will handle situations scientifically.

3/ Improve Foreign Language Skills

When learning math in English, children will enrich their vocabulary and grammar.

Over time, their vocabulary will expand, making learning English easier in the future.

4/ Opportunity to Participate in International Competitions

Many international competitions are organized in Vietnam and other countries for students from primary to high school levels.

Participating in these competitions allows children to showcase their abilities. Additionally, participating helps them meet many friends from both within and outside the country, providing enjoyable and interesting experiences.


5/ Higher Chances of Studying Abroad

Learning critical thinking math in English equips children with a solid knowledge base in both foreign languages and mathematics.

Therefore, when they perform well, the door to studying abroad becomes more open and accessible.

Moreover, participating in international competitions can also earn them full scholarships, a dream for many.

6/ Foster Independent Study Habits

When children learn math and language simultaneously, they will develop independent thinking, patience, creativity, and high discipline.

This, in turn, enhances their self-study skills in other subjects.

7/ Utilize Foreign Resources

Learning English early helps children develop a habit of using English in their studies, allowing them to access a vast knowledge base unavailable in Vietnamese resources.

This improves their learning outcomes.

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Top-Quality Critical Thinking Math Center in Vietnam

I-CLC is one of the top-quality critical thinking math centers in Vietnam, trusted by many parents and students.

With many years of experience in teaching students from primary school to working adults, I-CLC ensures its teaching quality meets parents’ needs.


To achieve the best results, I-CLC designs individual learning paths tailored to each student’s abilities.

I-CLC is equipped with modern facilities including desks, boards, air conditioning, and televisions to support students’ learning processes.

Besides teaching critical thinking math, I-CLC is also a leading English language center for working adults, beginners, and children.

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