Mathematics English - Experimental Science

What Will Your Child Achieve After the Course?

The program, meticulously researched and developed by the I-CLC professional team based on the Math in my world & Amazing science curriculum, will help your child:

About the Training Program

Our special online training program fosters English language skills in Mathematics and Science

What Will Your Child Learn in the Course?

  • Topics cover a wide range of fields and subjects, from personal identity to musical instruments, exploring the Solar System, etc.)
  • Combines school knowledge and soft skills through experiments, stimulating curiosity and a passion for learning.

How is the Course Conducted?

Theory learning alongside practical application
Taught by 100% foreign teachers

Theory learning: Vocabulary and daily communication sentence structures

Hands-on learning: Practice making simple objects

Reinforce lessons with exercises

What is the Tuition Fee?

4-week course

  • 450.000VND (it has included experimental equipment)

8-week course

  • 800.000VND (it has included experimental equipment)


Tools will be delivered to your home for children to learn and follow the teacher's instructions.

Delivery fee for tools: In Ho Chi Minh City, the delivery fee is 20,000 VND

How to Register?

Register online

Pay tuition fees

Receive the learning account and tools

Children can study anytime, anywhere

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About I-CLC

Inter-Continental Language Center (I-CLC), under the company TNHH TM&DV Tri Linh, was established in March 2007 by Master Paul Ryan, who has previously worked with reputable educational institutions such as the British Council, RMIT, KINDER WORLD,...

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Faculty Team

I-CLC currently boasts over 100 native teachers with Master’s and Doctorate degrees from the UK, the USA, and other experts specialized in developing training programs and preparing for international standard exams.

Make your child better at English

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With the proactive, flexible, and student-centered teaching method (CCM), I-CLC students are encouraged to interact and communicate, making them more dynamic and confident.

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At ICLC, all instructional programs are led by 100% native speaker instructors. Children are trained in English through various engaging hands-on activities.

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the I-CLC International Language Center

I-CLC is a pioneering English language center for children aged 3-15 in Vietnam, simultaneously applying CCM and CLIL methodologies in teaching, helping kids develop critical thinking and confidently communicate fluently in English.

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