Personal Information Protection Policy

At the Intercontinental Language Center (I-CLC), we consider safeguarding user personal data ("Customer Data") of our customers ("Customers") to be of utmost importance and a top priority. I-CLC is committed to collecting and using Customer Data in the proper manner, for the right purposes, with strict regulations to protect Customer Data even when it is transferred outside the territory of Vietnam. Additionally, ensuring cases of Customer Data security breaches are promptly reported, investigated, and handled in accordance with legal regulations.

This policy is an integral part of the terms and conditions and an annex inseparable from the service contract of the product established between customers and I-CLC. By registering to use I-CLC services, customers agree to the terms and conditions regarding Customer Data processing outlined below:

  1. Purpose of collecting personal information:

Customer Data collected by I-CLC from Customers may be gathered and utilized for purposes including but not limited to:

- Serving the business purposes of I-CLC, including but not limited to; notifications, marketing, advertising, providing, and improving services for Customers;

- Managing Customer information and services that Customers have or are engaging with I-CLC;

- Exchanging contact information, service execution results, and addressing inquiries, feedback, and complaints from Customers;

- Sharing information with relevant parties to carry out tasks within the scope of the purposes stated in section 1 of this policy, ensuring compliance with legal regulations (refer to the explanatory content in section 3 of this policy);

- Fulfilling obligations as stipulated by law;

- Complying with court orders, requests, procedures, and/or other legal regulations from any government agency and/or regulatory body;

- Any other purposes described in writing at the time of collecting Customer Customer Data.

  1. Scope of information usage

I-CLC, within the appropriate scope for providing services to Customers (as outlined in section 1 of this policy) and subject to the Customer's full discretion, will collect Customer Data through I-CLC platforms and channels; including but not limited to: full name, date of birth, gender, phone number, email, nationality, etc., and/or other information defined as Customer Data needing protection under specific provisions in Article 3, Article 4, Section 2 of Decree No. 13/2023/ND-CP.

  1. Information retention period

We will retain Customer Customer Data for a period of time as prescribed by law, not exceeding 20 years from the time of Customer Data collection.

  1. Stakeholders may access customer personal data.

I-CLC commits: not to provide, sell, exchange, or use Customer Customer Data in any commercial form other than the purposes stated in section 1 of this policy.

In some cases, I-CLC may utilize other partners to process Customer Customer Data on behalf of I-CLC to provide services to Customers (as outlined in section 1 of this policy). The processing of Customer Data by other partners will be governed by specific commercial contracts with appropriate terms to protect Customer Customer Data in accordance with legal regulations.

  1. Methods of collecting, processing, and protecting personal data

5.1. Data collection:

I-CLC may collect Customer Data from Customers through the following methods:

  • Online:

- Online platforms such as websites, official social media pages of I-CLC (Facebook, Instagram, etc.);

- Direct calls to I-CLC hotlines;

  • Directly:

- Direct visits to I-CLC English language centers;

- Participation in I-CLC events.

5.2. Data processing:

Data processing involves one or more activities affecting Customer Data such as: collection, recording, analysis, verification, storage, editing, or other actions defined as "data processing" under legal regulations at each point in time.

Data processing timeframe: The processing of Customer Customer Data will commence from the moment I-CLC receives the Customer Data from Customers. We will maintain data processing for the period in which Customers establish service contracts for products with us. We may also retain Customer Customer Data for a period as prescribed by law.

Customer Customer Data will be stored and processed either in whole or in part in Vietnam. Depending on the purpose (as outlined in section 1 of this policy), Customer Customer Data may be stored and processed outside Vietnam. I-CLC commits to transferring Customer Customer Data abroad in compliance with legal regulations on data protection.

5.3. Data protection:

Recognizing that data collection and processing may pose certain risks to Customer Data security, I-CLC has implemented and is implementing the following protection measures:

  • Management measures: Issuing internal policies and regulations to establish controls aimed at protecting Customer Data.
  • Technical measures:

- Establishing general technical measures across the I-CLC information technology system and software;

- Organizing appropriate personnel authorization to prevent unauthorized access, reading, usage, modification, provision, or destruction of Customer Data;

- Customer Customer Data will not be fully displayed in internal reports, to limit unauthorized or improper access and usage.

  1. Customers rights and obligations:

Customers have rights: to be informed, consent, access, withdraw consent, request data deletion, restrict data processing, provide data, object to data processing, complain, report, sue, request compensation for damages, and the right to self-protection under personal data protection laws. In case of any request regarding one or more of these rights, Customers are requested to inform I-CLC using the contact information provided in section 6 of this policy.

Customers have obligations: to protect their own Customer Data; to request other relevant organizations or individuals to protect their Customer Data; to provide complete, accurate Customer Data when consenting to I-CLC processing Customer Data; to comply with legal regulations on data protection and other obligations as stipulated by law.

6.1. Regarding consent to provide data and allow I-CLC to process data

By providing their information, Customers agree to allow I-CLC, affiliated companies, subsidiaries, I-CLC members, and other partners authorized by I-CLC to process Customer Data appropriately for the purposes outlined in section 1 of this policy and in compliance with legal regulations.

When Customers consent to Customer Data with I-CLC, it means that Customers have agreed and authorized I-CLC to share all or part of that information on I-CLC's operating platform for the purposes stated in section 1 of this policy unless otherwise specifically notified in writing.

6.2. Regarding withdrawal of consent

At any time, Customers may notify I-CLC of their withdrawal of consent regarding Customer Data previously agreed to provide to I-CLC for any purpose as stated in section 1 of this policy. I-CLC will respond to Customer requests as soon as possible to confirm the withdrawal of consent. The withdrawal of consent does not render any data processing occurring before the withdrawal illegal.

Please note that if Customers withdraw their consent for I-CLC to process their data for the purposes stated in section 1 of this policy, I-CLC may not continue to provide services to Customers or perform any contracts with Customers, and I-CLC will not be liable if I-CLC fail to provide services or perform contracts with Customers. In such cases, I-CLC's legal rights and remedies shall remain reserved.

6.3. Regarding requests for modify/delete of Customer Data

Based on the customer's request, I-CLC may proceed to modify the Customer Data stored in the system if the customer identifies any inaccurate, incomplete, outdated, or potentially misleading information.

Furthermore, customers have the right to request I-CLC to delete/cancel their data if it is no longer necessary for the original collection purposes.

  1. Address of the entity collecting Customer Data and Mechanism for receiving and resolving customer requests/complaints

Any feedback, requests, or complaints should be directed to I-CLC through the following channels:

Call the customer care hotline: 0917729932 0917729932

Send an email to:

Visit the I-CLC English office directly: 438 Điện Biên Phủ, Phường 11, Quận 10, TP. Hồ Chí Minh


  1. Notification to customers when I-CLC updates/modifies policies

This policy may be updated or modified at any time, as long as such updates or changes do not contradict existing legal regulations. Notification of any modifications will be posted on the I-CLC website and/or other appropriate communication channels deemed by I-CLC.

I-CLC encourages customers to regularly monitor this policy for updates and to always be informed of how I-CLC is safeguarding their Customer Data.

  1. Proactive adjustments to Customer Data and Recommendations for customers

- Information regarding Customer Data displayed on fee receipts when customers register for services, if errors are detected or adjustments are needed, customers can contact via the following methods:

+ Call the customer care hotline: 0917729932

+ Send an email to:

+ Visit the I-CLC English office directly: 438 Điện Biên Phủ, Phường 11, Quận 10, TP. Hồ Chí Minh

- To contribute to the safety of their Customer Data, I-CLC encourages customers to actively protect their own Customer Data, respect and safeguard the Customer Data of others, and understand the rights and obligations of all parties involved in order to proactively make appropriate requests in protecting Customer Data. Additionally, customers are kindly requested to promptly inform I-CLC of any signs or incidents of data security breaches discovered during their interaction and use of services at I-CLC. The online space is fraught with risks, so please exercise caution when providing Customer Data on any platform.