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Our standout courses are meticulously selected and uniquely crafted for each term.

About I-CLC

The I-CLC (Inter-Continental Language Center) is part of Tri Linh Trading & Services Co., Ltd. It was established in March 2007 by Master Paul Ryan, who has worked with reputable educational institutions such as the BRITISH COUNCIL, RMIT, KINDER WORLD, and more. Learn more

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Training Programs at I-CLC

I-CLC offers a diverse range of training programs for children from elementary to high school. Each student is provided with a personalized learning path that ensures suitability and the fastest achievement of goals.

Faculty Team

I-CLC currently boasts over 100 native teachers with Master’s and Doctorate degrees from the UK, the USA, and other experts specialized in developing training programs and preparing for international standard exams.

May Your Child at I-CLC

All courses at ICLC are 100% guided by native teachers, where children hone their English through various exciting experimental activities. Parents, come and see the moments your children immerse themselves in knowledge, freely express their creativity, and play with friends during I-CLC classes!

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With the proactive, flexible, and student-centered teaching method (CCM), I-CLC students are encouraged to interact and communicate, making them more dynamic and confident.

Feedback from Students & Parents

Every year, over 2400 families trust I-CLC to accompany their children, opening new doors to the world of "Global Citizens."

Clients - Partners

Our mission is fulfilled by perfecting each customer's English and the success of each partner

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the I-CLC International Language Center

I-CLC is a pioneering English language center for children aged 3-15 in Vietnam, simultaneously applying CCM and CLIL methodologies in teaching, helping kids develop critical thinking and confidently communicate fluently in English.

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